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Talk to us for ways to provide cabling work economically but also efficiently.

We supply and install structured cabling networks for computers and telephones - back to a main central point of communication where we install Patchpanels for the installation of Switches or Hubs, Routers, Servers and Telephone Systems. Using the Patch panelling system, computers and telephones can be moved around the office with ease as all outlets are numbered at the Patchpanel and they can simply be connected and or moved by plugging in a patch lead. (Not unlike an old fashioned telephone exchange).

The best time to organise cabling for a new building would be as soon as a floor plan is available so that we have plenty of time to provide costing with various options. The first step of cabling is usually performed when the internal walls are at frame stage.

If a telephone system/computer network has previously been installed in a building, we will sometimes use existing cabling – often it only needs a tidy-up to work just fine and can SAVE YOU MONEY! We usually like to arrange a visit so we get it right and the guesswork disappears. We can then provide a fixed price and no nasty surprises.


3M Volition type 110 patch panels are punch-down termination style patch panels with rear cable management.

Colour Caps & Faceplate Clips

The 3M Colour Caps allow secure anchoring of the 3M Volition RJ45 Jacks into the faceplates. The colours allow marking of links or zones. 
 Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Red

Gigabit (Cat. 6 and Cat. 5e) Copper Cable

Cat. 6 provides two and half times more bandwidth than the current Cat. 5e standards that are used to deliver Gigabit Ethernet performance. As the 3M Volition Cat. 5e system is already capable of running true Gigabit Ethernet, the 3M Volition Cat. 6 cables offer genuine benefits for the future.

Cabinets (Wall mounted or Freestanding) to keep it all tidy and Secure

Cabinets (Wall mounted or Freestanding) to keep it all tidy and Secure

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